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Define your Intention for your Life

INTENTION: Something you plan on doing or creating in the future.
Have you ever set an intention, to be, do, or have something, and later that day, or the next day, that intention is not even a memory any more?

Intention is often a poorly imagined dream of what you want. It may be a spark of possibility, a ripple of desire about what you really want, that is extinguished – if not immediately – soon after it flickers across your consciousness. You have the thought, and even as you start to reach for it, you extinguish it. “I can’t have, be, or do that” “What’s the point?” “I don’t have time to entertain such thoughts.” “I refuse to get my hopes up.” “I don’t have _________ (fill in the blank with what you think you need).”

Limiting Beliefs
These limiting beliefs stop you before you even start. They keep you in jobs that drain you; relationships that deflate you; life situations that build a combination of resentment and depression. They steal your joy, your passion, and your belief in possibility.

Careful Who You Share it With
Intention is a commitment to doing or creating something in the future. It is a plan, a goal. Consciously and openly stating your intention strengthens your commitment to making it happen. Yet you have to be careful who you share that intention with. The wrong person will shoot that intention down and ground it into nothing. Share your intentions for growth and/or change with someone who is going to encourage you and support you, and hold you accountable so that your intention, aka your plan, or your goal, grows and inspires you to take action you would never otherwise take.

The Importance of Intention
Intention is an important aspect of living a more passionate life. Passionate people are happier and more energetic. The clearer and the stronger your intention, the more committed and determined you become. Where do you find someone to share your dreams and intentions with?

Life Coaching and The Passion Test
Many people today, turn to a Life Coach to feel heard and understood and to encourage and support them when they have intentions they want to set and keep. A Life Coach helps you keep your intentions, and holds you accountable for taking the actions that ensure you keep your commitment to yourself. And there is The Passion Test -- a process to help you get clear on what you want, give you the formula for creating what you want and ways to align your life with what you are passionate about.

Life Coaching and the Passion Test work well together. The Passion Test gives you clarity on what’s most important to you. Coaching helps identify your strengths and abilities so you see ways to complete those actions. She won't tell you what to do, rather she will help you find your own actions. I do both.

My Intention
As a Law of Attraction Life Coach, my intention, is to help working empty, or near empty-nesters to see the new possibilities opening up for them. Clients discover their own inner powers. Together we create a vision of a more passionate life to step into.

What intentions have you put on hold? What dreams or passions have you buried while caring for others? Now is the time to know that there are new possibilities opening up for you. Inside of you is incredible power, the power to set and achieve your intentions, and the power to create a new vision for your life.

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