Charmaine Grace | Your Next Step to Possibility

Charmaine Grace, Speaker, Facilitator and Coach

Inspiring individuals, groups, and companies by igniting sparks of HOPE and POSSIBILITY that empower them to take Their Next Steps in life, career, or relationships.

She fills her keynotes and workshops with charm, grace and humour. They are interactive, entertaining and memorable.

Charmaine is an excellent facilitator and an engaging Master of Ceremonies. Coaching comes from her heart and helps clients find their answers, directions and passions.

In addition to her own programs, Charmaine Grace is a certified Passion Test® Facilitator helping audiences and clients live their passions!

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Taking Your Next Step

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What stops you from taking your next step?Is it fear of the unknown; fear of looking foolish; fear of making a mistake?Is it fear of failure? Or, could it be fear of Success? I used to have all of those … Continued


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My last post was about what we say to ourselves. And this is a continuation of that. Stuck in what is Sometimes I get caught up in what is. I get sad, or angry, or frustrated, because I am expecting … Continued

Life Coaching

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I am opening my life coaching business up to new clients. If you are ready to transition to your next step in life; if you are asking, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” or want to … Continued

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