Charmaine Grace | Your Next Step to Possibility

Speaker, Facilitator, and Coach

Charmaine guides companies, organizations, and individuals to the success and results they are seeking.

Charmaine’s purpose is to empower clients by inspiring them to overcome the blocks that stop them. Once those blocks are removed they take their next step and begin living their passions.

Charmaine knows about the blocks that stop us. For many years she experienced numerous successes including: Top sales, new systems, increased revenues; training and consulting; and localizing volunteer training for a not for profit company.

The successes were wonderful, but each step forward resulted in two steps back. Her excitement would get her started but then she’d do it again – sabotage her efforts. She would say, “I know I’m good at this. Why can’t I follow through? Why can’t I do what I need to do? Why am I always sabotaging myself?”

Finally, after many years she learned why people don’t get what they say they want. Now she coaches and guides clients past their blocks, past their sabotage; empowering them to take their next steps into success and living their passions.

Are you ready to take Your Next Step to Possibility?