Is Passion Important?

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Think about it! How do you feel when you have little or no passion for your life?

First off, let me explain, that when I say passion I am talking about Zest for… your job, your relationship, your life.

What is life like when you feel stuck in a situation that you can see no way out of. Are you asking, “Is this all there is?” or declaring that there has to be more to life? How easy is it to get out of bed in the morning? Shake off that feeling for a moment to consider what life is like when there is a little ‘passion’ in it.

I have heard many reasons for having passion in our lives. “It gives me energy.” “It gets me out of bed in the morning.” “Time flies when I am doing what I love.” The best reason I heard someone say is, “Passion is the dressing on the salad of life!”

Passion, like dressing on a salad, adds to our lives. It adds purpose, direction, and possibility. When we feel passionate about our lives, we see things clearer, including opportunities, possibilities and solutions. Living aligned with our passions gives us a tool for decision making. We ask, “Does this bring me closer to what I want, or does it take me away from it?” A person living with their passions will decide in favour of actions that will take them closer to what they want.

Knowing our passions helps us with our commitment and determination. It makes it easier to do the things that support us living a life we love, even if it means doing the boring or tedious parts that make living our life easier. Passion helps us find the joy in what we have to do, because what we have to do allows us to live in alignment with what we enjoy, what’s most important to us.

Passion can be part of different areas of our lives: In our home, with our children and grandchildren, at work, with our friends, and even when we are alone. I recently spent 8 days pool sitting for a friend. I so enjoyed the time alone, near water, with a forest ravine as the backdrop. Waking up early was a joy. I love going for a morning swim. It is a passion of mine to get away a couple of times a year to renew myself. I am so grateful for this possibility.

That’s another power of passion, at least to me. When I am living in my passions I find that gratitude comes easily and often. My heart swells with the gratitude of living what I love. Gratitude feels good. You may have noticed how hard it is to feel angry or bad when you are expressing gratitude.

Is passion important? I believe it is. It adds the zest to our lives that gives us energy and a reason to get out of bed. It makes time fly.

If you are finding passion lacking in your life, then perhaps your next step is to take The Passion Test®. Contact me for a possibility session and together we can find out how The Passion Test® can help bring more clarity, direction and possibility to your life.

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