Do You Dream Your Possibilities?

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What does your future look like?
Is it happy and fulfilling, or is it too depressing to look at?
Do you dream about a better tomorrow, about a new job, or a business success? Maybe you dream about a new love relationship? Or perhaps your dream is about travel, or owning a cottage, or a comfortable retirement?
What are your dreams about the new and wonderful things that you would love to be, do, or have?

Or have you STOPPED Dreaming?
Several years ago, I discovered that I had stopped dreaming. I was stuck and I could see no way out. My future was too depressing to look at. I couldn’t set goals, because I could not believe that my goals could ever come true. The reason for this hopeless scenario was that I had stopped believing in me and my possibilities. How can you dream when there is nothing to look forward to?

Change your Beliefs
It was back in my teens that I made the decision that stopped my dreaming. I remember telling myself, “If I don’t expect good things, I won’t be disappointed”. I did not realize it at the time, that this decision was in effect a contract with myself to stop dreaming.
I didn’t know just how important it is to dream.

The importance of Dreams
Dreams stimulate creativity, increase our ability to love, build our energy, give us hope and open the doors to the possibility of a better tomorrow.

What stopped you from dreaming?
What is holding you stuck in a place, job or relationship that is not what you want or where you thought you would be?
Without dreams, you are truly powerless. You lack direction and end up at the mercy of your past. You are living a present created by that past into a future without hope. And without hope, how do you Dare to believe in the possibility of possibility?
Without hope all you can see is the lack and misery that you are living. Because you have nothing to look forward to, you accept less than you deserve. You stop reaching for more, or better. You stop looking for what could be because you are trapped into the “reality” of what is.

‘What is’ is a terrible trap based on misinformation and misunderstandings that led you to believe that you are less than you are, and undeserving of more. These beliefs are what run your life and control your conscious thinking. And these beliefs need to be re-evaluated, understood, and replaced with new empowering beliefs that allow you to, at the very least, dare to dream of a new possibility.

I realized a while ago, that I had stopped dreaming. I was, and at times am, in the same place so I can understand where the feelings of being stuck or trapped cause you to hold yourself back and even stop you from dreaming a new possibility.

I was fortunate that one day one of my beliefs rose up above all the beliefs that held me back. This one belief told me that I could have more. I believed that voice and you know what? I discovered that voice was true. And I decided I wanted that more. I believed this one belief so much that I set the intention to have that one thing and started taking action to make it mine. In spite of the obstacles, including people who told me I could not have it, I trusted that I could. And I made it mine. That’s why I developed a program to help you begin to dream again. And that’s where I share the story of the Belief that changed my belief in me.

Dream Your Possibilities
It’s about you re-igniting your hope and finding your lost belief in you empowering you to create a future that you truly want to step into.

It is an eight-week group program where you will Harness the power of your dreams and learn. . .
1. The value and importance of allowing yourself to dream
2. To become more passionate about your life and
3. Get clear on what you do want in your life
4. To discover what holds you back and what to do about it
5. To Gain direction, and motivation
6. To build relationships to help you continue to dream
7. To begin to believe in you, again

The program starts in January and I am offering a morning session and an evening session. My question to you is,

“If you were to dare to step into this opportunity, which is the best day for you and the best time of day?”

When you ready to Dream Your Possibilities, contact me, Charmaine Grace, at Your Next Step to Possibility, on Facebook, or
Email me at
Or book a complementary Discovery Conversation to see what is possible for you.

It’s time to start dreaming about that better feeling future that you would love to step into. Let’s talk.