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My last post was about what we say to ourselves. And this is a continuation of that.

Stuck in what is
Sometimes I get caught up in what is. I get sad, or angry, or frustrated, because I am expecting things to be different than what they are.
What I’ve learned, over and over again is that I hold myself in that misery by witching (with a B), moaning, and whining about what is and how I wish it were different. The more I witch, moan, and whine, the sadder, madder, or more frustrated I become.

Three steps to getting unstuck
Lately, I’ve been reading posts from a fellow coach, Darlene Curlee, and I’ve learned 3 steps that can help me out of that misery.
Step One: I learned, or re-learned to notice how I am feeling. This way I can notice where my focus is. If I don’t like how I feel, I choose to step into better feelings.

Step Two: Pay attention to what I am saying to myself. Is what I am saying causing me to feel good, or to feel sad, angry and frustrated? I can then ask myself, what thoughts will make me feel a little bit better. I can focus on the love I have for my children. That feels better. I can be grateful for something – my job, the summer sunshine, my hot cup of coffee. Gratitude always feels better.

Step Three: I learned to give myself permission to look for something to be happy about. Sometimes I discover that all that witching, whining and moaning has become a habit that is actually creating more and more misery.
I can choose to find a spark of happiness that with time and practice I can fan into a flame that will have me feeling better about myself, about life, and about my tomorrows. That way I can find solutions to what’s bothering me and I can help myself begin to feel better.

One of the things I learned a long time ago – from my grandchildren – is to look for, and share good things. It feels better. And when I feel better I see a brighter future. That allows me to take my next step into making a better life for myself and those around me.

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  1. Darlene Curlee

    Yes, we get stuck in yesterday’s thinking, yesterday’s problems instead of looking forward to where we want to go and how we want to live. Continuing to look at problems and seeming lack will keep us stuck there. Yes, gratitude always feels better. You can’t think gratitude and negative thoughts at the same time. Get into gratitude! Thanks for the shoutout.

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