Believe in Yourself and Step Into Your Possibility!

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Today’s daily insight from Proctor Gallagher comes from Christian D. Larson, Author, 1874-1954.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle.”

I know that it is important to believe in myself. Yes, I know that there is something inside me greater than any obstacle – The Divine. Sometimes I forget and begin seeing life as hard and unpleasant, feeling that I am not good enough.

As I read today’s insight it awakened a memory in me of how good it feels when I am living in possibility. This includes being in the possibility of trying something new. It is being in the possibility of solution when faced with challenge. It is the possibility of success and achievement. It is the possibility of enjoying life and all it has to offer including the challenges and struggles.

I felt back to when I chose what was considered impossible, by me and others, and discovered possibility. I felt back into the adventures of some of the possibilities. They include:
– Studying Industrial Maintenance and learning to weld and create new tools, and learn to value physics
– Becoming a Cadet Instructor for the 2835 Royal Canadian Artillery Cadet Corps and bringing the adventure of abseiling to our cadets and me – even when I am afraid of heights
– Leaving the security of a known living situation and discovery that I had stepped over the rainbow
Now, if I can only keep those feelings alive – they feel so good – it makes it easier to take my next steps into new possibilities.

What is your next step into possibility? Are you in transition, between jobs, or looking for a new life adventure? Do you want to clarify what it is you are looking for? Do you want a strategy to step into that possibility? Contact me to see if you qualify for a Next Step Consultation, on me. Together we will create a picture of what you want and see if you are ready to take Your Next Step to Possibility! [email protected]

One new possibility is becoming a member of the Business and Professional Women of Niagara Falls and becoming a committee chair planning a Murder Mystery fundraiser for February 25, 2017. This interactive event is a fundraiser with some of the proceeds going to YWCA Niagara. It is a birthday party set in 1917. There will be Suffragettes demonstrating for Women’s rights; Prohibitionist, for and against the sale of alcohol; and of course family troubles that lead to murder. Tickets are available until Monday, February 20th. Call me to get yours.

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